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Why choose New Era Consulting Services? We are not only your local credit card processing company but we also offer you the services and products you deserve with honest and upfront information. This is why we have continued to see growth within our company. It’s not your job to know the details and loopholes of the processing industry, it’s ours. We are also one of the first to offer what’s called a “Service that Serves” which is where a business who offers a service takes a portion of their clients monthly service bill and donates it to a charity.

We currently donate a portion of all our clients monthly merchant processing bills to Pencils of Promise, a non profit organization that helps educate needy children. We love to make our customers happy and supply them with all the information they need to make educated decisions for their businesses.This is why we go out of our way to find answers to any questions you have that we do not have immediate answers to. This is also why we offer a free “Processing 101 Training Course” on how the industry works and who your money truly goes to.

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We at New Era Consulting Services know merchant processing! We started our company a few years ago knowing that there are many flaws in the current system. We have decided to fix many of these flaws including the most unethical ones by being transparent. We provide businesses with the truth on how the industry works including how many small businesses get the wool pulled over their eyes by major companies.

We show our clients exactly how major companies pull this off. We give all our clients rates which are well below the average; therefore, leading them to never have to switch again. Giving our clients these low rates we are able to save our clients thousands of dollars a year while also getting them out of unethical pricing structures that many major processing companies like to use. Being a small local company we do not need to make a fortune off each account; therefore, we are able to save you money 100% of the time.

Web Design and Development

Why choose our design team? Here at New Era Consulting Services we are group of innovators with 7 years of experience who focus on strategic website design and development services. At New Era we take care of everything from your domain name, hosting, design (including logo), content writing, development and even your SEO services.

Using the latest technology, software and programs available your vision will become your reality in no time! We are committed in achieving our client’s business objectives by delivering professional websites. Our dream is to make your vision become a reality and for you to leave with a 100% customer satisfaction rating. We work till you are happy.

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We focus on our most valuable asset and thats being a small company located in Clearfield Pennsylvania. Being a small company we are able to not only give each of our clients our full attention while developing their vision but also the ability to build real relationships which are most important to us as our clients are the reason for our success.

We at New Era Consulting Services know websites! There are so many different ways to build a website today so why do we choose to build all of our websites using WordPress? WordPress offers the right amount of customization, security, style, SEO, plugins, updates, and overall a professional looking and easy to use website.

With just a quick and easy Google search on WordPress you will find that there are well over 60 million installations of WordPress worldwide. WordPress is regularly and continually updated to improve both its functionality and security, and there is virtually no limitation to what you can build using WordPress, ask the https://thewaltdisneycompany.com.

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